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Sub TitleApplication Development, Table Design, and Best Practices
AuthorAaron Cordova Billie Rinaldi Michael Wall
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Get up to speed on Apache Accumulo, the flexible, high-performance key/value store created by the National Security Agency (NSA) and based on Google’s BigTable data storage system. Written by former NSA team members, this comprehensive tutorial and reference covers Accumulo architecture, application development, table design, and cell-level security. With clear information on system administration, performance tuning, and best practices, this book is ideal for developers seeking to write Accumulo applications, administrators charged with installing and maintaining Accumulo, and other professionals interested in what Accumulo has to offer. You will find everything you need to use this system fully. Get a high-level introduction to Accumulo’s architecture and data model Take a rapid tour through single- and multiple-node installations, data ingest, and query Learn how to write Accumulo applications for several use cases, based on examples Dive into Accumulo internals, including information not available in the documentation Get detailed information for installing, administering, tuning, and measuring performance Learn best practices based on successful implementations in the field Find answers to common questions that every new Accumulo user asks

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