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TitleApplication Development in iOS 7
Sub TitleLearn how to build an entire real-world application using all of iOS 7's new features
AuthorKyle Begeman
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Unleash the new features of iOS 7 within the latest Xcode development environment. One of the most important pieces of any SDK is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is why we will start by learning all the new features of Xcode 5. Moreover, we will get to know what’s new in Foundation Framework, one of the building blocks of iOS development. We then move on to exploring the new and improved Auto Layout, a feature that was previously plagued by quite a few issues and shunned by many developers. Next, we will start building our application from scratch while applying our new knowledge of the IDE. Also, we will make use of the newly introduced TextKit to make our text more dynamic in nature. Finally, we will utilize the UI Kit Dynamics to give our application some flair.

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