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TitleArchitecting HBase Applications
Sub TitleA Guidebook for Successful Development and Design
AuthorO'Dell Spaggiari
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsData Mining Processing
File Size7.3 MB
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HBase is a remarkable tool for indexing mass volumes of data, but getting started with this distributed database and its ecosystem can be daunting. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to architect, design, and deploy your own HBase applications by examining real-world solutions. Along with HBase principles and cluster deployment guidelines, this book includes in-depth case studies that demonstrate how large companies solved specific use cases with HBase. Authors Jean-Marc Spaggiari and Kevin O’Dell also provide draft solutions and code examples to help you implement your own versions of those use cases, from master data management (MDM) and document storage to near real-time event processing. You’ll also learn troubleshooting techniques to help you avoid common deployment mistakes.

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