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TitleBeginning CSS Preprocessors
Sub TitleWith SASS, Compass.js and Less.js
AuthorAnirudh Prabhu
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size2.4 MB
Total Download149

Learn how preprocessors can make CSS scalable and easy to maintain. You’ll see how to write code in a very clean and scalable manner and use CSS preprocessor features such as variables and looping, which are missing in CSS natively. Reading Beginning CSS Preprocessors will make your life much simpler by showing you how to create reusable chunks of code. In addition to coding enhancements, you’ll also learn to automate processes such as generating image sprites and minifying code. Beginning CSS Preprocessors is your guide for getting started with CSS preprocessors. This book shows you how to use CSS in your day-to-day work and thus be smart and efficient at writing CSS.

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