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TitleBeginning the Linux Command Line, Second Edition
Sub TitleLearn how to put the command line to work to manage files, administer users and groups, install new software, run network services, and create basic shell scripts.
AuthorSander van Vugt
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsLinux Unix
File Size5.0 MB
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This is Linux for those of us who don’t mind typing. All Linux users and administrators tend to like the flexibility and speed of Linux administration from the command line in byte–sized chunks, instead of fairly standard graphical user interfaces. Beginning the Linux Command Line is verified against all of the most important Linux distributions, and follows a task–oriented approach which is distribution agnostic. Now this Second Edition of Beginning the Linux Command Line updates to the very latest versions of the Linux Operating System, including the new Btrfs file system and its management, and systemd boot procedure and firewall management with firewalld! Administer users and security, and deploy firewalld Understand how Linux is organized, to think Linux!

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