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TitleBig Data and The Internet of Things
Sub TitleEnterprise Information Architecture for A New Age
AuthorArt Licht Louis Nagode Robert Stackowiak Venu Mantha
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsComputer Science
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Enterprise Information Architecture for a New Age: Big Data and The Internet of Things, provides guidance in designing an information architecture to accommodate increasingly large amounts of data, massively large amounts of data, not only from traditional sources, but also from novel sources such everyday objects that are fast becoming wired into global Internet. No business can afford to be caught out by missing the value to be mined from the increasingly large amounts of available data generated by everyday devices. The text provides background as to how analytical solutions and enterprise architecture methodologies and concepts have evolved (including the roles of data warehouses, business intelligence tools, predictive analytics, data discovery, Big Data, and the impact of the Internet of Things). Then you’re taken through a series of steps by which to define a future state architecture and create a plan for how to reach that future state. Enterprise Information Architecture for a New Age: Big Data and The Internet of Things helps you gain an understanding of the following: Implications of Big Data from a variety of new data sources (including data from sensors that are part of the Internet of Things) upon an information architecture How establishing a vision for data usage by defining a roadmap that aligns IT with line-of-business needs is a key early step The importance and details of taking a step-by-step approach when dealing with shifting business challenges and changing technology capabilities How to mitigate risk when evaluating existing infrastructure and designing and deploying new infrastructure Enterprise Information Architecture for a New Age: Big Data and The Internet of Things combines practical advice with technical considerations. Author Robert Stackowiak and his team are recognized worldwide for their expertise in large data solutions, including analytics. Don’t miss your chance to read this book and gain the benefit of their advice as you look forward in thinking through your own choices and designing your own architecture to accommodate the burgeoning explosion in data that can be analyzed and converted into valuable information to drive your business forward toward success. Art Licht, Louis Nagode, Robert Stackowiak, Venu Mantha

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