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TitleBioinformatics with Python Cookbook
Sub TitleLearn how to use modern Python bioinformatics libraries and applications to do cutting-edge research in computational biology
AuthorTiago Antao
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsPython Cloud Computing Virtualization
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If you are either a computational biologist or a Python programmer, you will probably relate to the expression “explosive growth, exciting times”. Python is arguably the main programming language for big data, and the deluge of data in biology, mostly from genomics and proteomics, makes bioinformatics one of the most exciting fields in data science. Using the hands-on recipes in this book, you’ll be able to do practical research and analysis in computational biology with Python. We cover modern, next-generation sequencing libraries and explore real-world examples on how to handle real data. The main focus of the book is the practical application of bioinformatics, but we also cover modern programming techniques and frameworks to deal with the ever increasing deluge of bioinformatics data.

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