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TitleBuilding a 2D Game Physics Engine
Sub TitleUsing HTML5 and JavaScript
AuthorJebediah Pavleas Kelvin Sung Hua Ming Chen Michael Tanaya
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsGame Programming
File Size2.4 MB
Total Download740

Build your very own 2D physics-based game engine simulation system for rigid body dynamics. Beginning from scratch, in this book you will cover the implementation technologies, HTML5 and JavaScript; assemble a simple and yet complete fundamental mathematics support library; define basic rigid body behaviors; detect and resolve rigid body collisions; and simulate collision responses after the collisions. In this way, by the end of Building a 2D Game Physics Engine, you will have an in‐depth understanding of the specific concepts and events, implementation details, and actual source code of a physics game engine that is suitable for building 2D games or templates for any 2D games you can create and can be played across the Internet via popular web‐browsers. Hua Ming Chen, Jebediah Pavleas, Kelvin Sung, Michael Tanaya

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