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TitleBuilding a Recommendation System with R
Sub TitleLearn the art of building robust and powerful recommendation engines using R
AuthorMichele Usuelli Suresh K. Gorakala
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsComputer Science
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A recommendation system performs extensive data analysis in order to generate suggestions to its users about what might interest them. R has recently become one of the most popular programming languages for the data analysis. Its structure allows you to interactively explore the data and its modules contain the most cutting-edge techniques thanks to its wide international community. This distinctive feature of the R language makes it a preferred choice for developers who are looking to build recommendation systems. The book will help you understand how to build recommender systems using R. It starts off by explaining the basics of data mining and machine learning. Next, you will be familiarized with how to build and optimize recommender models using R. Following that, you will be given an overview of the most popular recommendation techniques. Finally, you will learn to implement all the concepts you have learned throughout the book to build a recommender system.

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