Download Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook, Second Edition PDF

TitleChef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook, Second Edition
Sub TitleOver 80 recipes to automate your cloud and server infrastructure with Chef and its associated toolset
AuthorMatthias Marschall
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsNetworking Cloud Computing
File Size2.8 MB
Total Download76

Chef is a configuration management tool that lets you automate your more cumbersome IT infrastructure processes and control a large network of computers (and virtual machines) from one master server. This book takes you through covering the various artifacts of Chef and explains the techniques of building full-fledged real-world solutions. After describing how to use the basic Chef command-line tools such as knife and Berkshelf, the book will show you how to troubleshoot your work. It will also take you through the core concepts of managing users, applications, and your entire cloud infrastructure. This book will help you learn the techniques of the pros by walking you through a host of step-by-step guides to solve real-world infrastructure automation challenges.

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