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TitleComputer Forensics JumpStart, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleThe Best First Step Toward a Career in Computer Forensics
AuthorEd Tittel Diane Barrett K. Rudolph Michael G. Solomon Neil Broom
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Essential reading for launching a career in computer forensics Internet crime is on the rise, catapulting the need for computer forensics specialists. This new edition presents you with a completely updated overview of the basic skills that are required as a computer forensics professional. The author team of technology security veterans introduces the latest software and tools that exist and they review the available certifications in this growing segment of IT that can help take your career to a new level. A variety of real-world practices take you behind the scenes to look at the root causes of security attacks and provides you with a unique perspective as you launch a career in this fast-growing field. Explores the profession of computer forensics, which is more in demand than ever due to the rise of Internet crime Details the ways to conduct a computer forensics investigation Highlights tips and techniques for finding hidden data, capturing images, documenting your case, and presenting evidence in court as an expert witness Walks you through identifying, collecting, and preserving computer evidence Explains how to understand encryption and examine encryption files Computer Forensics JumpStart is the resource you need to launch a career in computer forensics. Diane Barrett, Ed Tittel, K. Rudolph, Michael G. Solomon, Neil Broom

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