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TitleConfiguration Management with Chef-Solo
Sub TitleA comprehensive guide to get you up and running with Chef-Solo
AuthorNaveed ur Rahman
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Chef is a configuration management tool used to handle the hardest part of infrastructure, easing the deployment of servers and applications to any infrastructure. Chef-Solo is an open source version of the chef-client that allows you to use cookbooks with nodes, without requiring access to a Chef server. In any infrastructure, managing servers is one of the most critical tasks for any server administration. Chef-Solo makes the process of booting and provisioning many machines at the same time much easier. Configuration Management with Chef-Solo will take you through the workflow of managing one or more servers. It includes many sample recipes to start with, and gradually you will take a look at the different interaction points and will also learn how Chef-Solo helps minimize your efforts to build and manage different machines. You will learn how to run servers while executing Ruby code. This hands-on guide will help you to understand the importance of this amazing configuration management tool.

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