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TitleData Management in Pervasive Systems
Sub TitleData-Centric Systems and Applications
AuthorAntonio Picariello Fabio A. Schreiber Francesco Colace Letizia Tanca Massimo De Santo Vincenzo Moscato
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsComputer Science
File Size11.0 MB
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This book contributes to illustrating the methodological and technological issues of data management in Pervasive Systems by using the DataBenc project as the running case study for a variety of research contributions: sensor data management, user-originated data operation and reasoning, multimedia data management, data analytics and reasoning for event detection and decision making, context modelling and control, automatic data and service tailoring for personalization and recommendation. The book is organized into the following main parts: i) multimedia information management; ii) sensor data streams and storage; iii) social networks as information sources; iv) context awareness and personalization. The case study is used throughout the book as a reference example. Antonio Picariello, Fabio A. Schreiber, Francesco Colace, Letizia Tanca, Massimo De Santo, Vincenzo Moscato

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