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TitleDependency Injection with AngularJS
Sub TitleDesign, control, and manage your dependencies with AngularJS dependency injection
AuthorAlex Knol
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Dependency injection facilitates better testing by allowing us to mock dependencies in testing environments so that we only test one thing at a time. It also enables us to write more maintainable code by decoupling our objects from their implementations. The motivation for using it in AngularJS is to make it easier to transparently load mocked objects in tests. This book is a practical manual to get you started on dependency injection. It will also take you along the road to creating testable and reusable code. Ensuring productivity and stability are the two most important things that you will learn. Dependency Injection with AngularJS will introduce you to AngularJS using a simple sample project. By portraying different ways of developing code modules, it will show you the advantages of dependency injection. This will lead to the ability to create reusable components that can easily be tested.

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