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TitleDeploying iPads in the Classroom
Sub TitlePlanning, Installing, and Managing iPads in Schools and Colleges
AuthorGuy Hart-Davis
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Master the skills and knowledge to plan and execute a deployment of iPads that will suit your school and your classroom. This book helps you evaluate your various options for deploying iPads―from configuring the tablets manually, through using Apple Configurator for imaging tablets, to subscribing to the heavy-duty Apple School Manager web service―and then shows you how to put your chosen approach into practice. Step-by-step instructions and practical examples walk you through the key questions you need to answer to get the most from your IT investment and then show you how to turn your decisions into deeds. Teachers and IT administrators at schools or colleges, and administrators and organizers in other bodies that need to deploy iPads en masse to conference attendees or hotel visitors

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