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TitleDesigned for Use
Sub TitleCreate Usable Interfaces for Applications and the Web
AuthorLukas Mathis
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Weaving together hands-on techniques and fundamental concepts, you’ll learn how to make usability the cornerstone of your design process. Each technique chapter explains a specific approach you can use during the design process to make your product more user friendly, such as storyboarding, usability tests, and paper prototyping. Idea chapters are concept-based: how to write usable text, how realistic your designs should look, when to use animations. Filled with illustrations and supported by psychological research, expert developer and user interface designer Lukas Mathis gives you a deep dive into research, design, and implementation – the essential stages in designing usable interfaces for applications and websites. Lukas inspires you to look at design in a whole new way, explaining exactly what to look for, and what to avoid, in creating products that people will be excited about.

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