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TitleDrupal 7 Themes
Sub TitleCreate new themes for your Drupal 7 site with a clean layout and powerful CSS styling
AuthorRic Shreves
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Drupal is an award winning open source Content Management System (CMS). Based on PHP and MySQL, its power and flexibility combined with its exceptional design mean it is one of the most popular choices for creating a CMS website.. Drupal employs a specialized templating system and supports themes, which allow you to change the look and feel of your system’s front and back-end interfaces.. Drupal 7 Themes is an ideal introduction to theming with Drupal 7. If you want to create a striking new look for your Drupal 7 website, this book is for you. This book is a revised, updated and expanded edition of Drupal 6 Themes, rewritten specifically for Drupal 7. This book will show you techniques and tools to help you improve the look and feel of any Drupal 7-powered website. Starting from the basics of theme setup and configuration, you will learn about the Drupal theming architecture and the PHPTemplate engine, and then move on to modifying existing themes and building new themes from scratch. You will find out about tools to make your theme development easier. A practical guide showing you how to create themes for your Drupal 7 site

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