Download Essential C# 6.0, 5th Edition PDF

TitleEssential C# 6.0, 5th Edition
Sub TitleAddison-Wesley Microsoft Technology
AuthorEric Lippert Mark Michaelis
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsC C++ C#
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Essential C# 6.0 is a well-organized, no-fluff guide to the latest versions of C# for programmers at all levels of experience. Fully updated to reflect new C# 6.0 and .NET 4.6 features and patterns, it will help you write C# code that’s simple, powerful, robust, secure, and maintainable. This book’s authors are world-class C# experts: long-time Microsoft MVP and Regional Director Mark Michaelis and Eric Lippert, formerly principal developer on Microsoft’s C# compiler team. Together, they cover the entire language, illustrating key constructs with succinct examples and offering a complete foundation for successful C# development. Essential C# 6.0 makes it easy to program with any version of C#, whether you’re creating new code or maintaining existing systems. Separate indexes for C# versions 4, 5, and 6 help you quickly find version-specific answers with accompanying visual indicators that help you identify which language innovations will work when. This edition also includes a set of best-practice C# Coding Guidelines updated to leverage C# 6.0 constructs.

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