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TitleExpert Oracle Indexing and Access Paths, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleMaximum Performance for Your Database
AuthorDarl Kuhn Sam Alapati Bill Padfield
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Speed up the execution of important database queries by making good choices about which indexes to create. Choose correct index types for different scenarios. Avoid indexing pitfalls that can actually have indexes hurting performance rather than helping. Maintain indexes so as to provide consistent and predictable query response over the lifetime of an application. Expert Oracle Indexing and Access Paths is about the one database structure at the heart of almost all performance concerns: the index. Database system performance is one of the top concerns in information technology today. Administrators struggle to keep up with the explosion of access and activity driven by the proliferation of computing into everything from phones to tablets to PCs in our increasingly connected world. At the heart of any good-performing database lies a sound indexing strategy that makes appropriate use of indexing, and especially of the vendor-specific indexing features on offer. Few databases fully exploit the wealth of data access mechanisms provided by Oracle. Expert Oracle Indexing and Access Paths helps by bringing together information on indexing and how to use it into one blissfully short volume that you can read quickly and have at your fingertips for reference. Learn the different types of indexes available and when each is best applied. Recognize when queries aren’t using indexes as you intend. Manage your indexing for maximum performance. Confidently use the In Memory column store feature as an alternate access path to improve performance. Let Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 12c be your guide to deep mastery of the most fundamental performance optimization structure in Oracle Database.

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