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TitleExpert Oracle Practices
Sub TitleOracle Database Administration from the Oak Table
AuthorPete Finnigan Melanie Caffrey Tim Gorman Alex Gorbachev Connie Green Randolf Geist
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size5.3 MB
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This book is an anthology of effective database management techniques representing the collective wisdom of the OakTable Network. With an emphasis upon performance – but also branching into security, national language, and other issues – the book helps you deliver the most value for your company’s investment in Oracle Database technologies. You’ll learn to effectively plan for and monitor performance, to troubleshoot systematically when things go wrong, and to manage your database rather than letting it manage you. Alex Gorbachev, Connie Green, Melanie Caffrey, Pete Finnigan, Randolf Geist, Tim Gorman

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