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TitleExpert PL/SQL Practices
Sub TitleFor Oracle Developers and DBAs
AuthorAdrian Billington Arup Nanda Connor McDonald Dominic Delmolino John Beresniewicz Lewis Cunningham Martin Buchi Melanie Caffrey Michael Rosenblum Riyaj Shamsudeen Robyn Sands Ron Crisco Stephan Petit Sue Harper Torben Holm
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size6.8 MB
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Expert PL/SQL Practices is a book of collected wisdom on PL/SQL programming from some of the best and the brightest in the field. Each chapter is a deep-dive into a specific problem, technology, or feature set that you’ll face as a PL/SQL programmer. Each author has chosen their topic out of the strong belief that what they share can make a positive difference in the quality and scalability of code that you write. The path to mastery begins with syntax and the mechanics of writing statements to make things happen. If you’ve reached that point with PL/SQL, then let the authors of Expert PL/SQL Practices show you how to combine syntax and mechanics with features and techniques to really make the language sing. You’ll learn to do more with less effort, to write code that scales and performs well, and to eliminate and avoid defects. Adrian Billington, Arup Nanda, Connor McDonald, Dominic Delmolino, John Beresniewicz, Lewis Cunningham, Martin Buchi, Melanie Caffrey, Michael Rosenblum, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Robyn Sands, Ron Crisco, Stephan Petit, Sue Harper, Torben Holm

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