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TitleExploring SE for Android
Sub TitleDiscover Security Enhancements (SE) for Android to build your own protected Android-based systems
AuthorWilliam Confer William Roberts
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsC C++ Android
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You will start by exploring the nature of the security mechanisms behind Linux and SELinux, and as you complete the chapters, you will integrate and enable SE for Android into a System on Chip (SoC), a process that, prior to this book, has never before been documented in its entirety! Discover Android’s unique user space, from its use of the common UID and GID model to promote its security goals to its custom binder IPC mechanism. Explore the interface between the kernel and user space with respect to SELinux and investigate contexts and labels and their application to system objects. This book will help you develop the necessary skills to evaluate and engineer secured products with the Android platform, whether you are new to world of Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) or experienced in secure system deployment.

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