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TitleExtending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook
Sub TitleA practical guide to extending and maximizing the potential of Dynamics AX using common Microsoft technologies
AuthorMurray Fife
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size26.6 MB
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Dynamics AX is built on a number of foundation products from Microsoft that are used to make it bigger, better, and stronger than the average business system. Taking advantage of these products will make your life easier. Use these tools to maximize the efficiency of your business management, taking advantage of a powerful and centralized tool set. Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook will show you how to use tools that you already have to extend out Dynamics AX and discover potential new directions. You will be surprised at what you can do on a shoestring budget. The book will allow you to streamline your work processes, and use the system’s powerful and centralised features to the advantage of your organization.

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