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TitleField Guide to Hadoop
Sub TitleAn Introduction to Hadoop, Its Ecosystem, and Aligned Technologies
AuthorKevin Sitto Marshall Presser
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsBig Data Data Mining
ISBN978-1-491-94793-7, 1491947934
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If your organization is about to enter the world of big data, you not only need to decide whether Apache Hadoop is the right platform to use, but also which of its many components are best suited to your task. This field guide makes the exercise manageable by breaking down the Hadoop ecosystem into short, digestible sections. You’ll quickly understand how Hadoop’s projects, subprojects, and related technologies work together. Each chapter introduces a different topic—such as core technologies or data transfer—and explains why certain components may or may not be useful for particular needs. When it comes to data, Hadoop is a whole new ballgame, but with this handy reference, you’ll have a good grasp of the playing field. * Core technologies—Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), MapReduce, YARN, and Spark * Database and data management—Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, and Hive * Management and monitoring—Puppet, Chef, Zookeeper, and Oozie * Security, access control, auditing—Sentry, Kerberos, and Knox * Cloud computing and virtualization—Serengeti, Docker, and Whirr

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