Download Foundations of Python Network Programming, 2nd Edition PDF

TitleFoundations of Python Network Programming, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleThe comprehensive guide to building network applications with Python
AuthorBrandon Rhodes John Goerzen
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size3.8 MB
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You will learn fundamentals like IP, TCP, DNS and SSL by using working Python programs; you will also be able to familiarize yourself with infrastructure components like memcached and message queues. You can also delve into network server designs, and compare threaded approaches with asynchronous event-based solutions. But the biggest change is this edition’s expanded treatment of the web. The HTTP protocol is covered in extensive detail, with each feature accompanied by sample Python code. You can use your HTTP protocol expertise by studying an entire chapter on screen scraping and you can then test lxml and BeautifulSoup against a real-world web site.

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