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TitleGetting Started with BizTalk Services
Sub TitleCreate powerful integration solutions for the cloud using the extensible Windows Azure BizTalk Services
AuthorJon Fancey Karthik Bharathy
CategoryComputer & Programming
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BizTalk Services is a service based on Windows Azure that was introduced by Microsoft in the summer of 2013. It provides integration capabilities in the cloud to connect enterprises together in scalable and flexible ways that go beyond what traditional on-premises integration products (such as BizTalk Server) can manage. BizTalk Services provides the ability to construct integration solutions using familiar tools (Visual Studio and Microsoft .Net) and also provides a bridge metaphor to connect applications and technologies. Whether you are a neophyte or an expert in integration solutions, Getting Started with BizTalk Services provides you with a comprehensive look at cloud integration, covering the many features and capabilities of BizTalk Services. More importantly, the purpose of each feature is explained together with how to use them effectively.

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