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TitleGetting Started with Clickteam Fusion
Sub TitleCreate compelling 2D games using Clickteam Fusion
AuthorJurgen Brunner
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsGame Programming
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Clickteam Fusion is an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use visual creation tool. With Clickteam Fusion’s amazing event editor system, you are able to quickly generate games or apps without having to master a traditional programming language. Clickteam Fusion is a game and application authoring tool that allows you to design and develop games for Windows, iOS, Android, Flash, and XNA for Windows mobile phones and the Xbox. With this in-depth practical guide, you will learn how to develop 2D games with the intuitive visual programming editor of Fusion and create simple prototypes within hours.You will learn about topics like Loops, Extensions, Exporters and Distribution as well as in depth coverage of other features like building 2d game movements and templates like Asteroids, Racing Car, Platformer or Physics.This book will help you create games for mobile devices and Pc with simple and descriptive game examples.

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