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TitleGetting Started with Oracle VM VirtualBox
Sub TitleBuild your own virtual environment from scratch using VirtualBox
AuthorPradyumna Dash
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsLinux Unix
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Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open source, cross-platform virtualization software package. Desktop virtualization software gives you the ability to install and run multiple operating systems on your computer in a virtual environment without disturbing the host OS. VirtualBox helps you create a completely isolated virtual environment and therefore prevents viruses, malware, or any other kinds of threats spreading from the guest-to-host machine. Getting Started with Oracle VM VirtualBox is a step-by-step guide designed to help you understand the concepts of virtualization and start running VirtualBox on your system. This book will show you how to install, configure, and manage VirtualBox. It will also show you how to install Oracle Enterprise Linux as a guest VM and make use of the essential features of VirtualBox. This book will show you how to install and configure VirtualBox on your desktop. You will then learn how to create a guest machine as well as features like starting, stopping, removal, and cloning of the guest machine. This book will also introduce you to some advanced features like snapshot, Clone, and VM Groups. You will then discover how you can install Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.0 as a guest OS and also how to share a folder both in Windows and Linux operating systems. You will then learn about the different networking options available on VirtualBox and discover how they work. Finally, this book will introduce you to the different virtual storage options available in VirtualBox and show you how they work.

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