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TitleGetting Started with Polymer
Sub TitleExplore the whole new world of web development and create responsive web apps using Polymer
AuthorArshak Khachatrian
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsWeb Development
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Polymer is a library that helps you develop fast, responsive applications for the desktop and mobile web. It uses the Web Components specifications for the components and Material Design concepts to create a beautiful user interface. This focused, fast-paced guide deals with Polymer web components. We will cover layouts, attributes, elements, and handling touch and gesture events. You will also see how to build custom web components and applications using Polymer. Don’t want to code? You can make the most of the Polymer Designer Tool app and create your own app without coding at all. Finally, you will see how you can improve your Polymer application by reading the best practices from Google Polymer team. By the end of this book, you will be equipped with all the necessary skills to use Polymer to create custom web components.

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