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TitleGetting Started with SOQL
Sub TitleRevolutionize the use of simple query strings to make them more efficient using SOQL
AuthorMagulan D
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size4.1 MB
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This practical guide will tell you everything you need to know about SOQL statements. You will learn the optimum way to write complex SOQL statements with this easy-to-understand guide. Beginning with basic SOQL statements, you will progress quickly onto more advanced statements, such as how to filter multiselect picklist values to escape sequences. This book will teach you how to sort records with more than one field, sorting with more than one field–one in ascending order and another field in descending order—and sorting null records in the first or in the last. You will learn about all the features provided while you are writing SOQL statements. This book will make you a SOQL expert by teaching you how to write SOQL statements in an optimized and effective way.

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