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TitleGetting Started with XenDesktop 7.x
Sub TitleDeliver desktops and applications to your end users, anywhere, anytime, with XenDesktop 7.x
AuthorCraig Thomas Ellrod
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsCloud Computing Virtualization
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Citrix is an established name in today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era by virtue of their desktop and application virtualization platforms, with the capability to assign applications and contents in a secure manner. Getting Started with XenDesktop 7.x provides the best way to learn how to build your own virtual desktop and application Site. You may not have a lot of time to read the Citrix documentation, or attend a class, so this step-by-step guide is distilled into fast, concise chapters to quickly lead you through all of the important information to get your XenDesktop 7.x deployment done.

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