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TitleGrok 1.0 Web Development
Sub TitleCreate flexible,agile web applications by using the power of Grok- a Python web framework
AuthorCarlos de la Guardia
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsWeb Development
File Size5.0 MB
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The book takes a practical approach and dives into code right from the start. After learning how to install Grok, we create a simple application. We work on this application throughout the book, until its deployment in the last chapter. In each chapter, some new features of Grok will be introduced and explained, then the application will be extended to use them, explaining step-by-step how each feature works. This book is intended for Python developers who want to create web applications but have little or no experience in web development. If you have used other web frameworks but are looking for one that enables you to create more complex applications without losing agility, you will also benefit from this book.The reader is expected to have some basic Python knowledge and at least a general idea of how a web application works.

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