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TitleHDInsight Essentials, Second Edition
Sub TitleLearn how to build and deploy a modern big data architecture to empower your business
AuthorRajesh Nadipalli
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Traditional relational databases are today ineffective with dealing with the challenges presented by Big Data. A Hadoop-based architecture offers a radical solution, as it is designed specifically to handle huge sets of unstructured data. This book takes you through the journey of building a modern data lake architecture using HDInsight, a Hadoop-based service that allows you to successfully manage high volume and velocity data in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Featuring a wealth of practical examples, you’ll find tips and techniques to provision your own HDInsight cluster to ingest, organize, transform, and analyze data. While guided through HDInsight, you’ll explore the wider Hadoop ecosystem with plenty of working examples on Hadoop technologies including Hive, Pig, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, and analytics solutions including using Excel PowerQuery, PowerMap, and PowerBI.

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