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TitleHighcharts Cookbook
Sub Title80 hands-on recipes to create, integrate, and extend dynamic and interactive charts in your web projects
AuthorNicholas Terwoord
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size16.3 MB
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Highcharts is a JavaScript library that enables web developers to create a wide range of different, highly customized charts. Highcharts easily integrates with existing JavaScript frameworks and is simple enough to make a column chart in a few lines of code, but flexible enough to handle more complex charting scenarios such as viewing multiple chart types with different data sources on a multitude of devices and form-factors. Highcharts Cookbook is a practical guide that provides you with clear, step-by-step recipes to create dynamic, functional charts in your web applications using Highcharts. With “Highcharts Cookbook”, you will create and design dynamic and versatile charts in different scenarios. Highcharts Cookbook through its wide array of recipes will walk you through everything you need to know about Highcharts and will enable you to unleash its full potential in your web applications quickly and easily.

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