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TitleInfrastructure Software Modules for Enterprises
Sub TitleFlexible Software Systems, Module Use-Cases, and Wireframes
AuthorMohamed Farouk
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsComputers Technology
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Reduce the time spent analyzing infrastructure modules while lowering your cost and resources in the process. Most software project teams that develop custom software build the systems from scratch. With limited budgets and time, they often concentrate on the business functionality and try to minimize or ignore the infrastructure functionality.  This book shows you how to develop flexible and and reusable modules that can be enhanced over time. Software infrastructure modules are the base modules in any software system. This book examines the key functionality supported by each of them and discusses the essential services for other modules.You’ll explore the infrastructure modules required in large enterprise projects and each one will be explained with high-level use-cases, wireframes, and entities.

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