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TitleInstant Puppet 3 starter
Sub TitleGain complete consistency from your systems with minimal effort using Instant Puppet 3 Starter
AuthorJo Rhett
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsLinux Unix Networking Cloud Computing
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Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results. Learn how deterministic results can vastly reduce your work load. Deploy Puppet Server as a Ruby-on-Rails application to handle thousands of clients. Design your own module for complex configurations. Puppet is the tool that will save you time. This book teaches you how to do more with less using instant Puppet 3. This guide ensures the highest level of accuracy so everything is exactly the way you want it, every time. This starter guide demonstrates the difference between deterministic and procedural results. Most importantly, it teaches you the trick to get better results every time, by thinking about and expressing your desired outcome in a deterministic fashion. “Instant Puppet 3 Starter” provides you with all the information that you need, from start-up to complete confidence in its use. This book will explore and teach the core components of Puppet, consisting of; setting up a working client and server and building your first custom module. Become the Puppet master. Explore how it works and be in awe of the drastic improvement in consistency of your systems, with minimal effort in maintenance. Instant puppet 3 enables you to write your first policy, using core methods to reduce the amount of manual work you would do to setup clients on new systems. In addition you will build a test environment for developing new modules, and source external data for use in the Puppet Policy. Finally, you will learn to run the puppet server under Phusion Passenger to improve performance and scalability. Instant Puppet 3 Starter won’t just introduce you to an application it will provide you with a working environment that saves you time and effort deploying code or synchronizing files across systems.

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