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TitleInstant XBMC
Sub TitleBuild your very own entertainment system in XBMC with this quick and easy-to-follow guide
AuthorCharles McColm
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsLinux Unix
File Size3.4 MB
Total Download36

This book has been especially created to provide you with all the information that you need to get set up with XBMC. You will learn how to add and play pictures, music, and movies; how to download and enable add-ons for Internet music and video streaming; how to enable UPnP and Airplay to stream to and from your smartphone or tablet; and discover some tips and tricks for using XBMC. Instant XBMC Starter is a no-nonsense guide to setting up and using XBMC to watch, organize, and stream your multimedia collection for home or business purposes. After reading this book you’ll know what hardware XBMC runs on, how to install XBMC, how to set up music, picture, and video sources, as well as how to add plugins for each source to do exciting things like stream music and videos from the Internet to your home or business. Instant XBMC Starter looks at setting up and configuring XBMC to act as an entertainment system that stores and streams media. It will help you to learn how to prepare your media and add it to XBMC. You’ll also learn how to fix video issues during the install, transfer files via SSH and Samba, install and set up add-ons for Youtube and other Internet content providers, stream your videos from your iPhone or iPad to XBMC, entertain people with a picture slideshow with accompanying music, and set up XBMC to stream to your handheld devices so you can watch any of the several terabytes of shows stored on XBMC. Instant XBMC Starter gets you quickly up to speed on installing, setting up, and using XBMC as the core of your entertainment system.

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