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TitleIntel Galileo Blueprints
Sub TitleDiscover the true potential of the Intel Galileo board for building exciting projects in various domains such as home automation and robotics
AuthorMarc Olivier Schwartz
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsComputer Science
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The Intel Galileo board was designed to add the power of an Intel processor to the simplicity of the Arduino platform. Intel Galileo gives you the freedom to create a wide range of DIY projects. Intel Galileo Blueprints will be a detailed guide that covers several projects based on the Intel Galileo board, exploiting the full potential of the board. You will first go through how to set up the development environment for the Galileo board. Next, you will connect different kinds of sensors to the Galileo board, and learn how to use the SD card reader of the board. You will then connect actuators to the Galileo board, like a relay and a servomotor, and write simple software to control these components. Later, you will access the Galileo board remotely in order to monitor the measurements done by the board and send the measured data to a Twitter feed at regular intervals. Finally, you will move on to more advanced topics, such as building a complete home automation system, building a mobile robot controlled by the Intel Galileo board and computer vision applications such as face recognition.

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