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TitleIntroducing Elixir, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleGetting Started in Functional Programming
AuthorJ. David Eisenberg Simon St. Laurent
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size5.2 MB
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Smooth, powerful, and small, Elixir is an excellent language for learning functional programming, and with this hands-on introduction, you’ll discover just how powerful Elixir can be. Authors Simon St. Laurent and J. David Eisenberg show you how Elixir combines the robust functional programming of Erlang with an approach that looks more like Ruby, and includes powerful macro features for metaprogramming. Updated to cover Elixir 1.4, the second edition of this practical book helps you write simple Elixir programs by teaching one skill at a time. Once you pick up pattern matching, process-oriented programming, and other concepts, you’ll understand why Elixir makes it easier to build concurrent and resilient programs that scale up and down with ease.

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