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TitleiPhone Game Blueprints
Sub TitleDevelop amazing games, visual charts, plots, and graphics for your iPhone
AuthorIgor Uduslivii
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsGame Programming
File Size9.5 MB
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Designing and selling games on the iOS platform has become a phenomenon ever since the introduction of the App Store. With mobile gaming taking the World by storm, users are indulging in all different types of games. iPhone Game Blueprints is a hands on guide to both inspire and help developers, graphic designers, and game enthusiasts to create their own games for iOS devices. Taking a selection of iPhone game “styles” we will learn how to set the foundation and essential functionality for each game. Including thorough explanations of popular games such as puzzles, arcades, and adventures, as well as useful theoretical and technical concepts. iPhone Game Blueprints is your complete guide to creating great iPhone games, from a simple gesture game to a classic shoot ‘em up.

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