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TitleJavaScript Testing
Sub TitleTest and debug JavaScript the easy way
AuthorYuxian Eugene Liang
CategoryComputer & Programming
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JavaScript is an important part of web development in today’s Web 2.0 world. While there are many JavaScript frameworks in the market, learning to write, test, and debug JavaScript without the help of any framework will make you a better JavaScript developer. However, testing and debugging can be time consuming, tedious, and painful. This book will ease your woes by providing various testing strategies, advice, and tool guides that will make testing smooth and easy. This book shows you the most essential features of JavaScript, which you will be using in your daily development, testing, and debugging tasks. You will learn to use the most basic functions of JavaScript to perform ad hoc testing quickly and efficiently. This book is organized in an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial style to maximize your learning. You will first learn about the different types of errors you will most often encounter as a JavaScript developer. You will also learn the most essential features of JavaScript through our easy to follow examples.

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