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TitleKendo UI Cookbook
Sub TitleOver 50 recipes to help you rapidly build rich and dynamic user interfaces for web and mobile platforms
AuthorSagar Ganatra
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size15.3 MB
Total Download71

Kendo UI is a one-stop library that allows you to build applications for web and mobile platforms using HTML5 and JavaScript. The library includes several widgets that allow you to build compelling web applications rapidly. Building web applications for web and mobile platforms using modern web technologies is now easy with the Kendo UI library. This cookbook contains practical recipes that you can apply in your everyday projects, and build compelling applications effortlessly. It gets you started with the application framework and then guides you through various widgets that you can readily use in your project with minimum configuration. It also provides recipes that you can use to build web applications for various mobile platforms while maintaining a single codebase. This book will do wonders for web developers having knowledge of HTML and Javascript and want to polish their skills in building applications using the Kendo UI library.

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