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TitleKohana 3.0 Beginner’s Guide
Sub TitleDevelop professional web applications with Kohana.
AuthorJason D. Straughan
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size17.9 MB
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Modern web development relies heavily on the ability to rapidly create applications that are reliable, maintainable, and scalable. The PHP-based Kohana framework has proven to be one of the best platforms for delivering professional quality applications using a stable framework that allows you to build great web properties while leveraging a rapid development architecture that is both powerful and intuitive. Kohana 3 Beginner’s Guide is the first and only book in the market for learning about this popular and powerful open-source PHP framework. Written with the beginner in mind, this book walks you through installation and configuration, then uses a case study site to deliver real world solutions to common web development needs. Beginning with the installation and configuration of the framework, you are guided through the steps necessary to get up and running, and are quickly introduced to the basics of Kohana. Using a case study site as an example, the book illustrates core components of Kohana while showing elegant solutions to real world tasks developers face every day. From working with forms to databases, interacting with users to deploying applications in the wild, everything is covered in simple, easy to understand examples. By the end of this book you will have mastered the core tasks needed to build great web applications using A step-by-step guide to creating professional web applications using the Kohana framework.

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