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TitleLearning Bootstrap
Sub TitleUnearth the potential of Bootstrap to create responsive web pages using modern techniques
AuthorAravind Shenoy Ulrich Sossou
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size5.1 MB
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This book will help you harness the powerful facets of the Bootstrap toolkit and streamline your web designing experience. You’ll get started with the initial download and customization and a brief introduction to LESS, then move on to learn about the Grid system and Base CSS, which is tailor-made for quicker and more robust web design. Learn about components, jQuery plugins, and other unique features that make Bootstrap an amazing utility to create remarkable web pages. Get to grips with the Bootstrap technical hub, which hosts the third-party resources, themes, and templates that enhance Bootstrap. By the end of the book, you will learn how to build a powerful and trendy e-commerce website that will help you with the practical implementation of Bootstrap.

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