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TitleLearning Cocos2d-x Game Development
Sub TitleLearn cross-platform game development with Cocos2d-x
AuthorSiddharth Shekar
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsNetwork Administration
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Cocos2d-x is one of the most popular cross-platform 2D game engines. It is packed with powerful features that set it apart from other game engines. With so many languages and operating systems, Cocos2d-x provides a one-stop solution for developing games for the operating system of your choice using the language you are most comfortable with. Starting from the basics, this book will show you how to display content on the screen and make it interact as well as move around with various control mechanisms such as actions, accelerometer, and tap onscreen buttons. You will learn about the mechanics of collision detection, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to keep track of the score. You will then create a gameplay cycle, use third-party tools to expedite the development process, and distribute the game through the App Store. By working through the carefully designed chapters of the book, you will master Cocos2d-x and the various tools so that you can use these skills to make a complete game or a quick prototype.

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