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TitleLearning Devise for Rails
Sub TitleUse Devise to make your Rails application accessible, user friendly, and secure
AuthorGiovanni Sakti Hafiz Badrie Lubis Nia Mutiara
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size2.4 MB
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A hands-on, all-in-one guide that gives you step-by-step instructions along with code examples to implement authentication systems in your application. This book will help you to implement various schemes of authentication systems including authorization and remote authentication, using Devise. Helping you make your Rails applications more accessible and user-friendly; this book explains how to implement user sign-ins in Rails. It will also show you how to customize user authentication pages, such as sign-in, sign-up, forgot password, and account details, by making use of existing Devise views. In addition, you will learn about facilitating complex privilege rules using the CanCan gem. Finally, you will discover how to make sure your authentication codes work as expected by using integration tests.

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