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TitleLearning iOS Forensics
Sub TitleA practical hands-on guide to acquire and analyze iOS devices with the latest forensic techniques and tools
AuthorMattia Epifani Pasquale Stirparo
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Mobile device forensics relates to the recovery of data from a mobile device. It has an impact on many different situations including criminal investigations and intelligence gathering. iOS devices, with their wide range of functionality and usability, have become one of the mobile market leaders. Millions of people often depend on iOS devices for storing sensitive information, leading to a rise in cybercrime. This has increased the need to successfully retrieve this information from these devices if stolen or lost. Learning iOS Forensics will give you an insight into the forensics activities you can perform on iOS devices. You will begin with simple concepts such as identifying the specific iOS device and the operating system version and then move on to complex topics such as analyzing the different recognized techniques to acquire the content of the device. Throughout the journey, you will gain knowledge of the best way to extract most of the information by eventually bypassing the protection passcode. After that, you, the examiner, will be taken through steps to analyze the data. The book will give you an overview of how to analyze malicious applications created to steal user credentials and data.

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