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TitleLearning Mobile App Development
Sub TitleA Hands-on Guide to Building Apps with iOS and Android
AuthorJakob Iversen Michael Eierman
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size10.5 MB
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The Only Tutorial Covering BOTH iOS and Android—for students and professionals alike! Now, one book can help you master mobile app development with both market-leading platforms: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Perfect for both students and professionals, Learning Mobile App Development is the only tutorial with complete parallel coverage of both iOS and Android. With this guide, you can master either platform, or both—and gain a deeper understanding of the issues associated with developing mobile apps. You’ll develop an actual working app on both iOS and Android, mastering the entire mobile app development lifecycle, from planning through licensing and distribution. Each tutorial in this book has been carefully designed to support readers with widely varying backgrounds and has been extensively tested in live developer training courses. If you’re new to iOS, you’ll also find an easy, practical introduction to Objective-C, Apple’s native language. All source code for this book, organized by chapter, is available at * Understanding the unique design challenges associated with mobile apps * Setting up your Android and iOS development environments * Mastering Eclipse development tools for Android and Xcode 5 tools for iOS * Designing interfaces and navigation schemes that leverage each platform’s power * Reliably integrating persistent data into your apps * Using lists (Android) or tables (iOS) to effectively present data to users * Capturing device location, displaying it, and using it in your apps * Publishing custom apps internally within an organization * Monetizing your apps on Apple’s AppStore or the Google Play marketplace, as well as other ways of profiting from app development, such as consulting and developer jobs

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