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TitleLearning Neo4j
Sub TitleRun blazingly fast queries on complex graph datasets with the power of the Neo4j graph database
AuthorRik Van Bruggen
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size12.8 MB
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Learning Neo4j provides you with a step-by-step approach of adopting Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. This book includes a lot of background information, helps you grasp the fundamental concepts behind this radical new way of dealing with connected data, and will give you lots of examples of use cases and environments where a graph database would be a great fit. Starting with a brief introduction to graph theory, this book will show you the advantages of using graph databases. Following on from that, you will be introduced to Neo4j and you will be shown how to install Neo4j on various operating systems. You will then be shown how you can model and import your data into Neo4j.

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