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TitleLearning Web Component Development
Sub TitleDiscover the potential of web components using PolymerJS, Mozilla Brick, Bosonic, and ReactJS
AuthorSandeep Kumar Patel
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Web components are an exciting new set of web standards used to provide reusable and powerful widgets by encapsulating and extending HTML and CSS. Web components are rapidly coming of age and are ready to make their debut in your browser. Starting with an introduction to all the core concepts of web component specifications, you will be taken through building your own custom clock component. You will then get to grips with Shadow DOM, HTML Import, and templating as you create a component using pure JavaScript. Following this, you’ll explore the core tools and libraries for web component development, including Polymer, Bosonic, Mozilla Brick, and ReactJS, and learn how to put them to work for practical development. This book will provide you with a detailed understanding of architecture, configuration, and selecting the right tool for you and your needs.

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